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Vegans of Tumblr Masterpost! \(^_^)/



[Updated 4:40 PM EST 19 August, 2014]

You found the vegan, or should I say 1203 vegans! Follow some of them! Here are some other good vegan resources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. If you are a vegan and would like to be on…



Postcards For Ants, Lorraine Loots

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I wish none of you were sad

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“vaginal/anal discharge” Um…

“non human breast milk”- so does that mean vegans are prone to drinking human breast milk?

and “blood” and “pus”?

Y’all vegans need to get a life. 

Now, where did I put my double bacon cheese burger…

Eggs are pushed through the cloaca, the same hole a chicken pushes it’s urine, feces, and vaginal fluids.

The breast milk of a cow, humans drink human breast milk as babies, there is no logical reason to keep drinking breast milk after being weaned off it (especially the milk of someone else’s mother, and a non human one at that)

The FDA allows a certain amount of pus and blood to be in milk before it is pasteurized, this does not remove it, it makes it safe to drink, you are drinking “clean” pus and blood.

"Y’all" Carnists needs to stop taking lives.

Now, where did you put your conscience? I’d look for that first.

Not to mention most vanilla flavoring comes from a beaver’s asshole. lol.

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Today this girl in class looked different because she had straightened her hair and I told her it was so pretty and straight and she goes “unlike me”. So me thinking that she has bad self esteem, I say “don’t say that. You’re pretty.” To which she replies “oh no, im pretty. I’m just not straight.” And I shit you not my stomach still hurts from laughing too hard.

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which is messier my life or my hair

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things i used to laugh at

  • actual jokes

things i laugh at now

  • yard sard

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Why CVS Quit Smoking


What inspired CVS’s rhetorical shift from saving pennies to saving lives? Vauhini Vara on the high-profile cigarette ban:

“The change in image has come at a cost. The company has estimated that it will lose two billion dollars in revenue in the first year by shutting down cigarette sales. What’s more, its executives haven’t been able to quantify what it would gain in new health-care business.”

Photograph by Seth Wenig/AP


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